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Surf Santa Schedule

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surf santa jpg

Come to Ponce de Leon Landing Park and the CFL ESA “Surf Santa” Contest 5 of the 2014 Season Saturday December 13, 2014 (wave backup date December 14) at Ponce de Leon Landing Park in Melbourne Beach. Come have fun and earn valuable ranking points for qualifications for Easterns!

Registration deadline Wednesday December 10, 2014

Register Online at: http://surfsanta-cflesa.eventbrite.com

This event is sponsored by Paddleboard House & find them at: (website)

find Central Florida ESA on Facebook & on our Website

Avoid the beach entry fee (additional $20) and sign up now, online!

This is a Contest 5 – Wave Watch – Possible Back-up Date Announcement
Running surf contests is fun! Way more fun, when there’s waves! Anyone who surfs in Florida in the summer time knows it can be a real challenge to find a bump out there. We are trying to fix our wave machine, but in the meantime, we have booked Saturday and Sunday December 13-14 in hopes that by Friday morning we will be able to make the call. This way we can hopefully insure that we’re surfing on the better of the 2 days as well as helping everyone to plan their weekend with plenty of notice.

So, please let everyone know, Friday morning we will post whether the contest will be held Saturday or Sunday. No need to message us, it will be posted.

Thanks and let’s pray for surf! See you on the beach!!

Surf Santa – Contest 6 Results

Ponce de Leon Landing Park, Melbourne Beach FL

December 14, 2013

Polliwogs                               Men

1 Nohea Williams                     1  Nick French

2 Grace Everingham                2 Kieran Grant

3 Caroline Boeje                      3  Josh Beaugrand

4 Tyden Cheatham                  4 Grant Fontaine

5 Davis Hattaway

6 Conner Gale

Menehune                             Masters

1 Noah Dovin                          1 Pat Hall

2 Rachel Presti                        2 Benny Bobbitt

3 Hanna Everingham               3 Eric Benton

4 Jillian Craig

5 Grace Everingham

6 Caroline Boeje

Boys                                       Sr Men

1 Christian Mocny                  1 Dan Dunagan

2 Jonathan Wallhauser            2 Phil Magliocetti

3 Kerlin Sutton                       3 Michael Gale

4 Joey Putnall

5 John Mentink

6 Ylan Abeger

 Jr. Men                                 Grandmasters

1  Pierson Prince                      1 Scott Bradley

2 Tommy Lueck                       2 Russ Drevitson

3 Fisher Grant                         3 Jamie Savage

4 Corbin Bounds                      4 Jeff Majaika

5 Austin Hollingshead              5 Mike Grant

6 Connor Neff

Legends                                Grand Legends

1 Steve Moldenhauer                 1 Bob Freeman

2 Larry Holmes                          2 Mario Deluca

3 Ken Osborn

Open Shortboard                   Open Longboard

1 Pat Hall                                   1 Fisher Grant

2 Noah Dovin                             2 Austin Hollingshead

3 Fisher Grant                            3  Kieran Grant

4 Christian Mocny                      4  Jeff Majaika

5 Josh Beaugrand                       5  Connor Neff

6 Eric Benton                              6 Corey Willams

Menehune Longboard           Jr Men Longboard

1 Jonathan Wallhauser                1 Fisher Grant

2 Christian Mocny                      2 Austin Hollingshead

3 Curren Schwartz                     3 Pierson Prince

4 Kai Cheatham                         4 Conner Neff

5 Emma Fillmore

6 Jenna Schwartz

Men’s Longboard                   Masters Longboard

1 Kieran Grant                              1Mike Grant

2 Pat Hall

Legends Longboard                   Open SUP

1 Steve Moldenhauer                     1 Fisher Grant

2  Larry Holmes                             2 Kieran Grant

3 Jeff Majaika                                3 Austin Hollingshead

4 Ken Osborn

5 Bob Freeman

Girls                                           Jr Women

1 Storm Portman                          1 Salome Abeger

2 Isabella Permutter

3 Rachel Presti

4 Skylar Magliocetti

5 Gillian Craig (tie)

5 Hanna Everingham (tie)

Jr Women Longboard                 Women Longboard

1 Isabella Perlmutter                     1 Chelsea Greenstein

2 Emma Fillmore

3 Skylar Magliocetti

4 Abbie Grant

Ladies                                        Ladies Longboard

1 Debbie Walker                            1 Debbie Walker

2 Sandra Goodwin


Surf Santa – Heat Sheets




Surf Santa Schedule

We will begin our day with a “double beach” format to advance

our “Round 1” surfers and will continue with the remainder of the

event in a single beach, final rounds (20 minute) format.

As always, we will do our best to adhere to the schedule but it is best to stay

nearby as sometimes we compress our heats due to “no-shows”.

See you on the Beach! Juan Ponce de Leon Landing Park

start at 8AM sharp!

start at 8AM sharp!

Making the call – Surf Santa is on for Saturday

after reviewing forecasts we have decided to run

our event tomorrow, Saturday Dec 14!


A possibility of cleaner conditions as the weekend progresses

but also the possibility of a much fading swell, so

Saturday it is!

Contest will start at 8 sharp – so don’t be naughty – get there on time!

If you waited to sign up at beach, it is first come first serve as we won’t be able to add heats.

There are slots in most divisions, but they’ll go quick, so have your entry form and payment ready.

also, make sure your membership is current as season points will not be

recognized until membership is current!

Ho Ho Ho – See you on the beach!

imagesHo Ho Ho – Surf Santa is coming!

Sign up today for our December Contest and Season Finalé

Registration deadline Wednesday December 11

Online Registration Link

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