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setup begins at 7 AM so we can start asap, or 8AM at the latest.

Going to be a full day of double-beach heats

CFL Endeless Summer Paradise Contest 4 Aug- jpg

Good Luck at 2015 Easterns!

Best of luck to all of our Central Florida ESA competitors! Easterns is the greatest amateur surf event ever and it is only possible because of the greatness of each individual. Each competitor, each volunteer, every fan, and our devoted staff members. Cream always rises to the top and The Eastern Surfing Association has proven itself and so has it’s members, for nearly 50 years! We are all, each and every one of us, blessed to have a relationship with the ocean. With respect for our beaches and environment, we become far more than surf athletes. We are ambassadors for the living force that is the ocean, which gives life to all on Earth! Never take this role lightly, and know that we are so proud to not only have the best surf family ever, but we have an even larger impact when we carry ourselves as stewards of the beach… CFL Pride!

Go Big! Have fun! Smile a lot!

Go Big! Have fun! Smile a lot!

Please see the slots open, by district, for the 2015 ESA SE Regional Surfing Championships. You can compare with the CFL Standings here. Ex. If your division says 4 in the slots column, that means that the top 4 in your division from our district have a slot. That is, if they register by the cut-off (date to be announced). We strongly encourage everyone who would like to compete to go ahead and register. If you don’t have a slot, register as an alternate. If slotted competitors are not registered, the slots go to alternates and your chances of compete are greatly increased. If, for some reason, you don’t get the slot your entry will be refunded. So there’s nothing to lose with respect to fees. Please go here to register. Make sure your ESA membership is current through September 2015. This has been a rule forever and is in place to insure that all competitors competing in “post-season” events have current membership through the time Easterns runs in September. Come represent the home town as Central Florida is once again hosting the Southeast Regional Championships!

2015 SE Invitations

Did you know that Esa Central Florida has been chosen for the 2nd consecutive year as the host district for the Southeast Regional Surfing Championships? An honor to have our other districts’ best surfers join us and a great opportunity to get to surf a championship in our own backyard! Be sure you are qualified to surf and come be a part of the fun and awesome competition! This is your pathway to ESA Easterns in September in Nags Head NC, as well as The USA Surfing Championships with Surfing America to be held in California this June!
Eastern Surfing Association – Right Coast Right Now!!

Central Florida - 2015 SERC Host

Central Florida – 2015 SERC Host

CFL-ESA Contest #1 Saturday July 19, 2014

Paradise Beach North End – Start Time 8AM


1.  Menehune LB Final

2.  Jr. LB Final

3.  Men’s LB Final

4.  Masters LB Final

5.  Legends LB Final

6.  Open LB Semi A

7.  Open LB Semi B

8.  Jr. Women/Ladies LB Final

9.  Open LB Final

10.  Open SUP Final

11.  Menehune SB Semi A

12.  Menehune SB Semi B

13.  Open SB Semi A

14.  Open SB Semi B

15.  Boys SB Final

16.  Menehune SB Final

17.  Girls SB Final

18.  Jr. Women/Women SB Final

19.  Ladies SB Final

20.  Jr. Men SB Finals

21.  Men’s SB Final

22.  Grandmasters SB Semi A

23.  Grandmasters SB Semi B

24.  Legends SB/Grand Legends  Final

25.  Open SB Final

26.  Grandmasters SB Final


JPEG of ESA 2014 contest 1 p2 posting1 JPEF of ESA 2014 contest 1 p2 posting2



Here’s an awesome opportunity to be a sponsor at the 2014 ESA SE Regional Championships

Get On Board – Let all your surf community know you support them! This is a tremendous way to find folks who will support you in return!

This is a 3-day event with competitors from all districts in Florida & Georgia! Great exposure!

2014 SE Sponsorship

2014 SE Sponsorship2014 SE Sponsorship letter p2

2014 SE Sponsorship letter p3

Contest 1 – Sunshine – Bum time Results June 9, 2013

Contest 1 – Sunshine – Bum time Results June 9, 2013

Contest 1 – Sunshine – Bum time Results June 9, 2013

Contest 1 – Sunshine – Bum time Results June 9, 2013

Contest 1 – Sunshine – Bum time Results June 9, 2013

Contest 1 – Sunshine – Bum time Results June 9, 2013

click here to be directed to our results page

out of 112 finalists, Central Florida had 27 or 24% – awesome!

we tied for 2nd with North Florida for number of 1st place finishers at 4 a piece

Palm Beach won that title at 7 wins! Congrats to them, but look out at Easterns!!

I think it’s safe to say, Central Florida ESA has what it takes! In and out of the water! Thanks so much to everyone who made it to this year’s regionals! This is just a sample of how great the new and improved ESA can be! We are one big “stoked-out” family and we are thrilled with everyone’s achievements! A special thanks to our Regional Director Pamela Hill who coordinated operations along with our host NCFL district directors “Chilly Willy” Gilreath & “Eddie” Clement, Angelo who came all the way from NJ to set-up the main tent, ESA AllStar Coach Pat, Executive Director Michelle Sommers, all of the district directors who came to help, our esteemed judging panel (including CFL guys like Chip, Barry, & Gordon), Travis Ajay – MC Extraordinaire, Steve “Sugar” – our SUP MC aficionado from Stand Up Journal, Photographers – (Jim Dunn,  Ken Horton, Tom Warnke of PBFL and Tim Baker of East Coast Paddle), John Ross & Mark Haryslak for manning the webcam, John Brooks for hosting a fantastic Friday Surf Film Night at the beautiful Altantic Center For The Arts, my co-director (and weekend roomie) Mario DeLuca (4-10 hr days!) and wife Zoe for helping to Beach Marshall – making sure everyone got checked in and didn’t miss their heats as well as handing out the sick Regionals T-shirts to our competitors, Stretch with Hyperflex Wetsuits, Sanuk, Under Armour, Jason Meehan of Starboard, all of our National Sponsors, Clancy’s Cantina for hosting our “killer banquet”, our local dawgs representing like the utterly awesome Dustin Boshart of Sun Bum,  Sean Kinberger of Flomotion, Ron Jon Surf Shop, 27N Paddles of Juno, and the list goes on…

How cool was it that, in addition to a top-notch and well-run event, we had  a “Live Webcast”, awesome awards, Movie-Night, Computer scoring, Professional announcing and judges, a Competitor’s Banquet, top-level competitors, and the most awesome surf families in the Southeast! It’s obvious that the ESA is an organization that’s “by the surfers and for the surfers”! We are a true “grass-roots” volunteer organization that offers our competitors a fun environment to gather and compete with “like-minded” surfers! Now that we have aligned with Surfing America, our surfers not only have a pathway to the greatest amateur surf event on the East Coast, Easterns, but now you can earn a slot at the USA Surfing Championships in California. Your membership to ESA gets you membership into Surfing America, a subscription to Surfer Magazine, discounts at participating airlines, rental cars, and local surf shops! File that under “Are you kidding me?“!! What a “Bah-gain”! So let’s go! Get your friends to come out and see what they’re missing! Hope to see everyone on the beach at Contest 1 in June and remember… Right Coast – Right Now!!SB_Logo_Full_Dark

RJ Jpeg"Go with the Flo" - Contest 5 - CFL ESA

Mark your calendars! It’s going to be a great season!!


contest times and dates subject to change


contest 1 – June 8, 2013 * back-up June 9 – Ponce de Leon Park – Melbourne Beach

contest 2 – July 20, 2013 * back-up July 21 – Spessard Holland South – Melbourne Beach

contest 3 – August 17, 2013 * back-up August 18 – TBD

contest 4 – September 28, 2013 * back-up September 29 – TBD

contest 5 – October 19, 2013 * back-up October 20 – TBD

contest 6 – November 16, 2012 * back-up November 17 – TBD

contest 7 – December 7, 2013 * back-up December 8 – TBD

contest 8 – January 18, 2013 * back-up January 19- TBD

RJ Jpeg

Central Florida DistrictIs A Powerhouse!

Central Florida District
Is A Powerhouse!

Click for CFL Slots     <—– click to see slots for our district for each division

2013 SE Invitations   <—– click to see slots awarded to each district. CFL has 83 slots awarded! There are 11 districts

in the SE region yet we comprise 21% of the events slots! This means CFL is a thriving

district! We are full of talent and stoke! Let’s show them what we’re made of. Let’s be

even bigger and better in the 2013-14 season. Tell your friends to surf with us!

CFL Slots for 2013 SE Regionals. Green means you are slotted. Yellow means you have qualified to enter as an alternate. You should enter either way. Make sure your membership is current. If you need assistance in this, feel free to contact us here or directly at cflesa@yahoo.com  To register and pay for ESA membership, do so online here. Make sure you note all divisions you wish to be entered in.

If you prefer to print out and send by mail here is the 2013 SE Entry form & Membership form

INVITEES>>>> If you have been invited, you have between NOW, and Monday, March 8th, to enter the event through Active or by mail postmarked Monday March 8th to claim your invitation. If you do not meet the Monday March 8th deadline, you will be placed on the alternate list where you entry finally does come in, compared to all other entries requesting Alternate Slots. Eligible alternates will also be able to begin signing up for slots at the same time as you, but only you have an invite- at least until Monday March 8th.The list of invitees includes the GSR’s. If you are a blue box person, you have to meet the deadline or you wind up in alternate status, wherever your date and time stamp comes in.

ELIGIBLE ALTERNATES>>>>> If you are eligible for an alternate slot, you may register NOW as well, You should not wait until after March 8th. Your request to be an alternate for an open slot, unclaimed invitation, or for any expansion of a division you are eligible for, will be date and time stamped and allotted as slots become available. Please fill your registration forms carefully.

Please support our sponsors!

Please support our sponsors!

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