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Snapshot ESA

Contest 5 Results

Spessard Holland South Park, Melbourne Beach FL

October 19, 2013

Polliwogs                               Men

1 Nohea Williams                     1  Kieran Grant

2 Ellie Jacobson                       2 Taylor O’Shea

3 Tyden Cheatham                  3  Caleb Couture

4 Caroline Boeje                      4 Nick French

5 Grace Everingham                5 Grant Fontaine

6 Kyler Dugan

Menehune                             Masters

1 Noah Dovin                          1 Benny Bobbitt

2 Coral Schuster                      2 Eric Benton

3 Ellie Jacobson                       3 Pat Hall

4 Tyden Cheatham

5 Logan Sanders

6 Grace Everingham

Boys                                       Sr Men

1 Christian Daniels                   1 Tim Hawk

2 Ylan Abeger                          2 Randy Sanders

3 Christian Mocny

4 Joey Putnall

5 Ryan Gilbert

6 Kai Cheatham

 Jr. Men                                 Grandmasters

1  Luke French                          1 Scott Bradley

2 Nile Forsberg                         2 Sean Hayes

3 Pierson Prince                        3 Jay Smith

4 Tommy Lueck                        4 Jeff Majaika

5 Robbie Sanders                      5 Gerry O’Shea

6 Austin Hollingshead              6  Jamie Savage

.                                               7 Russ Drevitson

Legends                                Grand Legends

1 Steve Moldenhauer                 1 Bob Freeman

2 Larry Holmes                          2 Mario Deluca

Open Shortboard                   Open Longboard

1 Pat Hall                                   1 Fisher Grant

2 Kieran Grant                            2 Corey Willams

3 Benny Bobbitt                          3  Kieran Grant

4 Caleb Couture                         4  Jeff Majaika

5 Eric Benton                              5  Austin Hollingshead

6 Noah Dovin                              6 Conner Neff

Menehune Longboard           Jr Men Longboard

1Christian Mocny                       1 Fisher Grant

2 Jack Everett                             2 Austin Hollingshead

3 Curren Schwartz                     3 Pierson Prince

4 Jonathan Wallhauser               4 Conner Neff

5 Calen Burford                          5 Justus Myers

6 Tyden Cheatham                    6 Kasey Filmore

Men’s Longboard                   Masters Longboard

1 Corey Williams                         1Mike Grant

2 Pat Hall

3 Kieran Grant

Legends Longboard                   Open SUP

1 Steve Moldenhauer                     1 Fisher Grant

2  Jeff Majaika                                2 Austin Hollingshead

3 Sean Hayes                                 3 Nick Ventresca

4 Larry Holmes                              4 Kieran Grant

5 Bob Freeman                              5 Alex Gazonas

Girls                                           Jr Women

1 Storm Portman                            1 Salome Abeger

2 Isabella Permutter

3 Coral Schuster

4 Madeline Zeuli

5 Skylar Magliocetti

6 Hailey Givigan

Jr Women Longboard                 Women Longboard

1 Emma Fillmore                           1 Michelle Mulak

2 Abbie Grant                                2 Patty Aboud

3 Skylar Magliocetti

4 Emma Filmore

Ladies                                        Ladies Longboard

1 Debbie Walker                            1 Debbie Walker

2 Michelle Mulak                           2 Sandra Goodwin

3 Kimberly Kelly                            3  Kimberly Kelly

4 Shannon Reichel

Special thanks to our contest sponsor

Ohana Family Surfing Program – Ohana Oceanic


Entries are coming in by the handful, but don’t get left out! If you haven’t mailed in your entry, it probably won’t get to us in time so go to Sign-up online before 7PM tomorrow, Thursday Oct 17 – avoid the additional $20 beach entry

We are trying again to have heat schedule posted by Friday and will structure the heats. Once we determine the number of heats, based on entries received, there may be a few slots open. Once the slots are filled we will not expand heats, so if you want to surf, it’s best not to risk it and sign up online by tomorrow – 7PM. Hope the rest of your week is great and see you on the beach this Saturday! So far Saturday looks like the best chance for surf and conditions-Stand by!

Saturday conditions for the One Big Ohana Contest

Saturday conditions for the
One Big Ohana Contest

Hello and hope the summer has been fun for all and that everyone has been able to get some surf in. We are getting ready for our next competition and have opened the online registration for this event (which will close 10/17 @ 7PM). Note – If you were signed up by mail-in entry for our Contest 4 in September (which was cancelled) your entry is good to go for our Contest 5 date. We are scheduled for October 19, 2013 at Spessard Holland Park South this time. We have opened registration to allow our surfers who may previously not have been able to participate at the July event to get signed up and come surf with us! If you choose to, you may send in your entry via mail,  but it must be received by Thursday 10/17. Entries received after this date, as well as those signing up on the beach, will be subject to $20 “beach-entry” fee. Thanks to all of you who took advantage of our online registration in July and to those who got your entries in early! It’s going to make our ability to start competition earlier and to be way more organized! Make sure your membership is current!

Again, we’d like to thank Ohana Family Surfing Program for being our event sponsor!


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