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July 29, 2017

Come to Spessard Holland South Beach Park – Melbourne Beach and the CFL-ESA 2017 Contest 5 -CFL-ESA Presents “Summertime Blues” of the 2017 Season Saturday July 29, 2017 at Spessard Holland South Beach Park  – Melbourne Beach Come have fun and earn valuable ranking points for qualifications for Easterns!

Register HERE

As always, we thank our sponsors – Tormenter, Ron Jon’s, and KKrows!

Registration deadline Wednesday July 26, 2017

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Come to Ponce de Leon Landing Park – Melbourne Beach and the CFL-ESA 2017 Contest 4 – Tormenter Presents “Junebug Returns” of the 2017 Season Saturday June 17, 2017 at Ponce de Leon Landing Park  – Melbourne Beach Come have fun and earn valuable ranking points for qualifications for Easterns!

Registration deadline Wednesday June 14, 2017

Register HERE

Thanks once again to Tormenter for being our Event Sponsor!


And, as always, Ron Jon Surf Shop & KKrows!


May There Be Waves contest #3 jpg

Ron Jon – Family


Central Florida ESA is proudly sponsored by Ron Jon Surf Shop! Please support our sponsor!

It is with huge, heartfelt gratitude that we thank Ron Jon Surf Shop for the amazing support.

As a non-profit athletic organization and surf community, that operates in large part on volunteers’ contributions, we realize that we would not be able to provide the excellent experiences the ESA represents to many individuals and families if it were not for the generosity and financial support that this iconic and tremendous company provides to us.

It is very special whenever a company looks to its community and in so many ways gives back. Ask yourself how lucky we are to have the unique activities and events that we have and realize that this is not the norm. We have so much going on here on the Space Coast. We are surrounded with beauty, a bountiful ocean and so many wonderful people eager to make our world a better place!

Thanks Ron Jon – you are family

Contest #2 March 25, 2017 Results 1 jpgContest #2 March 25, 2017 Results 2 jpgContest #2 March 25, 2017 Results 3 jpg

CFL contest #2  March 25,2017

Spring Style CFL contest #2 jpg





Core Surf Presents mother may I jpg

core surf

Here are the results from contest 4 held August 29, 2015 – Also, 5 division finals from contest 3 that were postponed due to bad weather were completed and are listed at the bottom. Thank you to all who came out and to those who helped put on a great event! We enjoyed having members from West Florida ESA compete with us! What a great surf family! ESA!!


Two separate awards were also given at the event and congratulations to

Fisher Grant for getting the Hot Wave of the event. Fisher scored a 9.0 during his Open SUP heat!

Makaya McCutchan for getting the sportsmanship award! Good job you two!



1 Ozzie Fisher WF

2 Brogan McNab

3 Keaton Billings

4 Kadence Wilcox

5 Nohea Williams

6 Dutch Chandler

Menehune SB

1 Emma Binder

2 Sophia Kalantzis

3 Lauren Marconi

4 Cole McNab

5 Curren Sebastian

Boys U14

1 David Sebastian

2 Tyler Helock

3 Waylon Henery

4 Chris Marconi

5 Campbell McNab

Boys U16

1 Jon Wallhauser

2 Keegan Van Wart

3 Tanner Jones WF

Jr Men U18

1 Jon Wallhauser

2 Brett Herrinting

3 Riley Coto WG

4 Chris Rockwood


1 Kieran Grant

2 Branden DeFillipo

3 Fisher Grant

4 Michael Kapica

5 Jack Morelia


1 Mike Rosa

2 Brian Fisher WF

Sr Mens

1 Sane Sebastian

2 Russ Drevitson

3 Robert Knight WF

4 David Mellot WF


1  Steve Moldenhauer

2 Tom O’Brien

3 Sean Hayes

4 Billy Austin

Grand Legends

1 Larry Holmes

2 Bob Freeman

Open Short Board

1 Jon Wallhauser

2 Branden DeFilippo

3 Mike Rosa

4 Madeline Zeuli

Girls U14

1 Isabella Perlmutter

2 Jasmine Gailey

3 Coral Schuster

4 Sarah Stotz

Girls U16

1 Coral Schuster

2 Isabella Perlmutter

3 Gillian Craig

4 Jasmine Gailey

Girls U18

1 Madeline Zeuli

2 Coral Schuster

3 Isabella Perlmutter

4 Jasmine Gailey

Ladies SB

1 Debbie Walker

2 Kim Kelly

3 Alicia Simmons

Menehune LB

1 Caroline Kruger

2 Sarah Stotz

3 Jessica Wallhauser

4 Kai Aravena

Jr Men LB

1 JAustin Hollingshead

2 Jon Wallhauser

3 Blaine Smith

Mens LB

1 Fisher Grant

2 Nick Anderberg

3 Mike Johnson

4 Willy Cole

Masters LB

1 Jimmy Walker

2 Joey Stevens

3 Sebastian Aravena

4 Robert Knight WF

Legends LB

1 Steve Moldenhauer

2 Tom O’Brien

3 Billy Austin

4 Robert Trantham

Open LB

1 Austin Hollingshead

2 Nick Anderberg

3 Willy Cole

4 Kieran Grant

Jr Womens LB

1 Brook Davis

2 Makaya McCutchin

Ladies LB

1 Debbie Walker

2 Sandra Goodwin

Open SUP

1 Fisher Grant

2 Tom O’Brien

3 Chris Rockwood

4 Austin Hollingshead

The following finals were completed at our Contest 4 – Aug 29

(due to weather, we were not able to complete Contest 3 entirely

Mens LB

1 Justin Johnson

2 Willy Cole

3 Tyler Timper

t4 Colby Nickell N/S

t4 Josh Beaugrand N/S

Masters LB

1 Joey Stevens

2 Jimmy Walker

3 Sebastian Aravena

Legends LB

2 Larry Holmes

1 Steve Moldenhauer

3 Bob Freeman

4 Jeff Majaika N/S

Open LB

1 Willy Cole

2 Justin Johnson

3 Turk Agimmarg

4 Colby Nickell N/S

Open SB

1 Mike Rosa

2 Larry Holmes

t3 Joe Putnall N/S

t3 Josh Beaugrand N/S

core surf


Registration deadline is Wednesday July 15th for

Central Florida ESA “Junebug” Contest 2 of the 2015 Season!

July 18th at Paradise Beach in Indialantic

It’s as easy going as a surfing junebug!

Here’s the link

Note – Our Contest 2 date was previously scheduled for June 13th but was postpone due to flat conditions.

contest 2 junebug make up date july 18 –
If you were entered in June, your entry has been moved forward to the new date, july 18. If you haven’t registered yet and would like to join us come on out and surf! Online registration deadline July 15

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