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“Mistletoes On The Nose” Contest #8 Results – Dec 9, 2017
Hot Wave and a  $50 check goes to Preston Persichetti Pollywog with a wavs score of 10!
Sportsmanship goes to Danielle and Corbin Buckley
Big Thanks to Tormenter, KKrows, Ron Jon’s, and Salty Sista, as well as, Natasha Long, Sean Hayes, Jeff Majaika, Kelly DeRivero and all the parents and kids who helped setup and break down each contest.
mistletoes 1mistletoes 2mistletoes 3
Here are the results
Thank to our Sponsors:
Tormenter for the board Raffle
KKrows Kim and Kelly
Ron Jon’s
Salty Sweet
Special Thanks to Volunteers: Natasha Long, Lisa Stotz, Sean Hayes, Jeff Majaika,
Jimmy Walker, Darryl Yates, Steve Moldenhauer,
Charlie Paxton our BBQ helper. Jeff King and Ken Horton for great pics!
Winner Tormenter Board Raffle – Barry Pasonski
$50 Hot Wave 9.5 Abby Yates 9.3 average
$50 Hot Wave 9.5 Jonathan Wallhauser 9.2 Average
CONTEST 7 Nov 28, 2017 1jCONTEST #7 2017 2jCONTEST #7 2017 3j

Haunted Heats Results

Sorry for the delay in posting – computer problems…

Hot wave in a final 8.5 to Steve Moldenhauer $50 prize
Sportsmanship Abby Yates.
Special Thanks to KKrows, Salty Sista, Ron Jon’s
Special Special thanks to Lisa Stotz for providing lunch!!
haunted (1)
Haunted Heats Contest 6 2017 pg1Haunted Heats CFL contest #6 2017 pg2 (1)Haunted Heats CFL CONTEST #6 2017

Check season ratings HERE


For the 2017 Competitive Season, we have had 4 contests, so far. Contests 1 – 4 are complete and the ratings sheets below represents the season standings. Please review and if you have a question or would like to suggest a name spelling correction,please “Contact Us” your memo. Or FaceBook message.

Contest #2 March 25, 2017 Results 1 jpgContest #2 March 25, 2017 Results 2 jpgContest #2 March 25, 2017 Results 3 jpg


Special thanks to our sponsor  Tormenter Ocean
Please support them!
Special awards go to:
Hot Wave – Corbin Buckley for his 9.0!
Sportsmanship – Lidia Ferro for setting a great example!



Thanks to everyone who came out to our Endless Summer Paradise contest including competitors from our WFL district who helped to add to the fun and success of a great day of competitive surfing!


Aug 27, 2016 Endless Summer Pg. 1Blank 6man heat sheet PG2Aug 27,Endless Summer Pg3Aug 27,2016 Endeless Summer Surf  Pg.4Aug 27, 2016 Endless Summer Surf Pg. 5


Central Florida ESA is proudly sponsored by Ron Jon Surf Shop! Please support our sponsor!

Here are the “revised” results from Mother May I – Finals are highlighted in yellow.
We will run the legends LB and SB Finals at our next contest in July.
Thanks for being a part of our fun day and see you on the beach!
Core Surf-CFL-ESA Mother May I P1Core Surf-CFL-ESA Mother May I P2Contest 2 May 14 revised jpgCore Surf-CFL-ESA Mother May I P4

Snapshot ESA

Have a look and let us know if you see anything out of whack – thanks for your patience! Click here for standings!

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