2016 SE Regional Surfing Championships


Congratulations to our Regional Champs and to all of our competitors who came out to make this an unforgettable event! Lots of epic waves and moments were shared by all. We were reminded that the Eastern Surfing Association is the foundation of our competitive surfing community. Great attitudes for great lives! So proud of CFL ESA!

Of course, we need to recognize our amazing surfer/finalists in this year’s regionals!

Mens – 5th Brandon DeFlippo CFL

Senior Mens – 5th Kelly DeRivero CFL

Legends – 4th Sean Hayes CFL

Grand Legends – 4th Larry Holmes CFL

Ladies – 2nd Alicya Simmons CFL

Ladies Longboard – 1st Debbie Walker CFL – Regional Champ!

Mens Longboard – 4th Colby Nichol CFL

Mens Longboard – 5th Tyler Temper CFL

Masters Longboard – 4th Joey Stevens CFL

Masters Longboard – 5th Jimmy Walker CFL

Legends Longboard – 1st Steve Moldenhauer CFL – Regional Champ!

Legends Longboard – 4th Jeff Majaika CFL

Legends Longboard – 5th William Austin CFL

Open SUP – 1st Austin Hollingshead CFL – Regional Champ!

Open SUP – 5th Tom O’Brien CFL

Boys U14 – 1st Noah Dovin CFL – Regional Champ! – Allstar

Boys U14 – 6th David Sebastian CFL

Boys U16 – 1st Noah Dovin CFL – Regional Champ! – Allstar

Boys U16 – 2nd Joey Putnall CFL

Boys U16 – 5th Jonathan Wallhauser CFL

Boys U16 -6th Sean O’Neal CFL

Boys U18 – 1st Jonathan Wallhauser CFL – Regional Champ!

Boys U18 – 4th Noah Dovin CFL – Allstar

Girls U14 – 1st Coral Schuster CFL – Regional Champ!

Girls U14 – 3rd Jasmine Gailey CFL

Girls U14 – 4th Bree Smith CFL

Girls U16 – 3rd Jasmine Gailey CFL

Girls U16 – 5th Coral Schuster CFL

Girls U18 – 1st Madeline Zeuli CFL – Regional Champ!

Girls U18 –  4th Coral Schuster CFL

Menehune Longboard – 3rd Jessica Wallhauser CFL

Menehune Longboard – 4th Sarah Stotz CFL

Jr Longboard U18 – 1st Jonathan Wallhauser CFL – Regional Champ!

Jr Longboard U18 – 2nd Austin Hollingshead CFL

Jr Women Longboard U18 – 5th Brook Davis CFL

The Surfco Hawaii Sportsmanship Award – Jimmy Walker – CFL

The Ironman Award Youth Male – Noah Dovin – CFL

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