Snapshot ESA

To all of our 2014 Season Division Champs – We have awards to hand out to you and will have them to give to you this weekend at the Regionals banquet. Congrats to everyone who won!
Division winners are:
Nohea Williams -Polliwogs
Sarah Stotz – Menehune
Brandon DeFilippo – Mens
Matt Mullon – Senior Men
Kelly DeRivero – Grandmasters
Bob Freeman – Grand Legends
Jimmy Walker – Masters Longboard
Noah Dovin – Open Shortboard
Madeline Zeuli – Junior Women
Shannon Reichel – Ladies
Sandra Goodwin – Ladies Longboard
Multiple Division winners are:
Jonathan Wallhauser – Boys, Menehune Longboard
Steve Moldenhauer – Legends, Legends Longboard
Justin Johnson – Mens Longboard, Open Longboard
Isabella Perlmutter – Girls, Junior Women Longboard
Savannah Pitard – Women, Women Longboard
And the All-Waterman Award goes to:
Austin Hollingshead – Junior Longboard, Junior Mens, Open SUP for leading in 3 divisions!