REGIONALS UPDATE! – ok everybody, wow what a day. we had amazing waves with offshore conditions all day and completed heat 58 (girls). then due to a severe weather advisory, we made the decision to call the day of competition off. our decision was correct and thankfully, all the beach gear and tents were stowed away before a gnarly west squall beat down on us. we were literally in the fringes of tornado activity. so thankful we safely evacuated the beach with no injuries or damage to our equipment! so, on to tomorrow. we will begin day 3 of Regionals at 8 AM starting with heat 59 (the 1st heat of Rnd 2 of Jr Mens). this will add 4 hours to our planned event which gives us an estimated finish time of 4:15 pm, assuming there are no other delays. see the attached heat schedule. add 4 hours to the Sunday schedule for approximate start times in those divisions. if you advanced today, and were scheduled to surf later today, be advised that your heats will continue Sunday AM – Let’s do this! See you all tomorrow!
ESA Right Coast – Right Now!

schedule – make sure to add 4 hrs