Re: “One Big Ohana” Contest 5 Results
Menehune Longboard Error
Hello groms! Well, we almost made it through the day with no “mix-ups” but unfortunately the names put on the final results page were wrong. We sorted it out and the correct name and the jersey color worn has been fixed. This was detected at the end of our event when one of our finalists asked where his award was… umm, oooops?! Hate it when that happens! So, please see the correct final result standings for Menehune Longboard – We’d appreciate it if you groms can bring your trophies back and we’ll get them switched at the next contest – Thanks!!

Menehune Longboard
1Christian Mocny
2 Jack Everett
3 Curren Schwartz
4 Jonathan Wallhauser
5 Calen Burford
6 Tyden Cheatham