Good morning ESA! Well, looking at all indicators available to us, we have made the decision to move the contest to Sunday in hope the the wind swell that’s coming our way will be better conditions for all. Still at Ponce de Leon Park 7:30 check in and we are aiming for a 7:45 or 8:00 start. Also, Let everyone know, this will be a double beach format which means there will be a north heat and a south heat in the water at the same time. We need everyone to help by being alert and paying attention to the schedule as things will move fast on the beach. With everyone’s cooperation, things will run smoothly and we ask that surfers and parents try to use the heat board rather than asking officials, as we are usually very busy with tabulations and heat draws and advances. We are happy to say that we have 2 complete judging panels that will give our surfers the attention they deserve in their heats. We will miss our judges Chip Hall and Barry Pasonski as they are headed to Virginia Beach to judge at the ECSC. They’re some of the best and we’re glad to have them on our panel. Wish them a safe trip and we’ll see them back at the next contest!
See you on the beach Sunday!

Contest 3 - Dip Into H2O

Contest 3 – Dip Into H2O