Ok! We’re getting ready for a fun day tomorrow! Heats are mostly seeded and we are trying to get the comp started at 7:45 AM. We will double Beach the early rounds so make a note!
– On the Main Beach- we will start with 4 full heats of Open Shortboard followed by Jr Mens, Boys
– On Beach B- we will start with Pollywogs, Menehune, Girls, & Jr Women, Ladies, Menehune Longboard
Our goal is to end Double Beach at 10:30 and continue is a single-beach format for all semi-final and final heats.
Online registration in closed and “Beach Entry” is limited to available slots in each division. Most divisions are full so if you want to surf and you haven’t signed up, we suggest you get to the beach and check the boards. “Beach Entry” Fee applies. Thanks to everyone who got their entries in early! That’s what we’re talking about!