ESA Central Florida Contest #2 is this coming Saturday at Spessard Holland South – Deadline is approaching, we hope to see every one out there this Saturday! Please help by either sending your entry in today or by entering online by Thursday – Avoid the extra $20 Beach-entry fee


Don’t risk it – There will be a certain number of heats per division which will be determined on Friday as all the entries arrive. There will be no heat expansion on the beach, so it’s best to send your entry in now with the divisions that you know you’ll want to compete in. This is being done to insure a more well-run event as well as eliminating the old “7-man heat”, which is like surfing in rush hour traffic. We are running the best event we can and all we ask our members is to please help by getting your entries in early. Thanks to all of you on board, this will be a lot of fun!