waterproof-cards.com dip into H2O

dip into H2O

This event is sponsored by the folks at waterproof-cards.com, a huge shout out to them for supporting surfers and the Central Florida Eastern Surfing Association! We’re so stoked on them, we named our event after their motto, you really can “dip it in H2O”! Check them out for their amazing products and service!! Thanks!


Come to the “Dip Into H2O” ESA Contest #2 of the 2013-14 Season Saturday June 20, 2013 at Spessard Holland Park South in Melbourne Beach. Come have fun and earn valuable ranking points for qualifications for Easterns!


This is new – so please read – beach entries = late fee

It is preferred that you use our *new* online entry. However, if you like “snail-mail” click here for an entry form, print and mail by the Monday before the contest date. Mailed-in entries not received by Wednesday before contest are subject to a $20 late fee

Register online today!!  Choose your division and proceed to checkout. If you have an additional division(s) you wish to surf in, scroll down and select from the “additional entry” section for the division(s) you wish to add, then proceed to checkout. Easy, huh?