Are you ready for regionals? Get plenty of rest, eat well, and make sure you and your equipment are in prime condition! Take time to stretch and do an activity that will help your endurance, like jogging or swimming laps. The longer your engine runs well could mean the difference between you advancing in your rounds and your opponent not. Please familiarize yourself with ESA’s Rules of Competition. Make sure your board has dings patched, fins are tight, and if you’re wearing a leash make sure it’s in good condition. We are “Central Florida” so we encourage you to cheer for others from our district while they’re surfing their heats! It’s fun, and it’s what Central Florida ESA is all about! Let’s show the Southeast region what a “class-act” we are and take special care to make sure we keep the beach clean, care for groms to insure they are safe from passing cars on the beach, and feel free to congratulate your opponents before and/or after your heats. Your attendance at this contest represents an excellent achievement on your behalf as well as others in competition with you. Be a champion and respect others the way you would want to be treated. Positive attitudes and language will, in return, reward you with a far more enjoyable experience. If you’re on the beach, we encourage you to attend the daily awards, even if you’re not a finalist. Not only will it give you a chance to celebrate in others victories, you might see yourself on that podium and one thing is for certain, you must visualize to materialize! By all means, have fun because it’s what surfing is all about! See you on the beach!!