Central Florida DistrictIs A Powerhouse!

Central Florida District
Is A Powerhouse!

Click for CFL Slots     <—– click to see slots for our district for each division

2013 SE Invitations   <—– click to see slots awarded to each district. CFL has 83 slots awarded! There are 11 districts

in the SE region yet we comprise 21% of the events slots! This means CFL is a thriving

district! We are full of talent and stoke! Let’s show them what we’re made of. Let’s be

even bigger and better in the 2013-14 season. Tell your friends to surf with us!

CFL Slots for 2013 SE Regionals. Green means you are slotted. Yellow means you have qualified to enter as an alternate. You should enter either way. Make sure your membership is current. If you need assistance in this, feel free to contact us here or directly at cflesa@yahoo.com  To register and pay for ESA membership, do so online here. Make sure you note all divisions you wish to be entered in.

If you prefer to print out and send by mail here is the 2013 SE Entry form & Membership form

INVITEES>>>> If you have been invited, you have between NOW, and Monday, March 8th, to enter the event through Active or by mail postmarked Monday March 8th to claim your invitation. If you do not meet the Monday March 8th deadline, you will be placed on the alternate list where you entry finally does come in, compared to all other entries requesting Alternate Slots. Eligible alternates will also be able to begin signing up for slots at the same time as you, but only you have an invite- at least until Monday March 8th.The list of invitees includes the GSR’s. If you are a blue box person, you have to meet the deadline or you wind up in alternate status, wherever your date and time stamp comes in.

ELIGIBLE ALTERNATES>>>>> If you are eligible for an alternate slot, you may register NOW as well, You should not wait until after March 8th. Your request to be an alternate for an open slot, unclaimed invitation, or for any expansion of a division you are eligible for, will be date and time stamped and allotted as slots become available. Please fill your registration forms carefully.

Please support our sponsors!

Please support our sponsors!

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