We will be getting an early start Saturday Sept 8. Shooting for an 8AM start and will be wrapping up our contest 3 “Respect Your Roots” with “double-beach” heats. Things will move quickly so make sure to be on the beach. Immediately after we wrap up Contest 3 we will begin the “Do Drop In” contest 4. Here will be the general order of heats we will begin with:

2  Menehune LB Semi Finals
Rachel Presti, Curren Schwartz, Andrea Osborne, Jenna Schwartz, Jack Everett, Connor Neff, Austin Hollingshead, and Tanner Craig

Jr. Men Final
Harry Chodorow, Jake Smith, Sam Duggan, Fisher Grant, Christian Kitzmiller, and Thomas Bell

Menehune Final
Blake Speir, Joey Putnall, Tanner Craig, Tyler Helock, Rachel Presti, and Wyatt Tomlinson

Open Shortboard Final
Sam Duggan, Fisher Grant, Kieran Grant, Justin Carver, Justin Boggs, Jake Smith

Jr. LB Final
Sam Duggan, Fisher Grant, Justin Myers, and Noah Osborne

Men’s & Master’s LB Final
Kieran Grant, Aaron Privett and Mike Grant, PJ Byrtus

Legends LB Final
Bob Freeman, Larry Holmes, Charlie Paxton, and Ken Osborne

Open LB Final
Austin Hollingsworth, Fisher Grant, Keiran Grant, Charlie Paxton, and Aaron Privett

Menehune LB Finals

to be determined from semis