Congrats to all of our Central Florida ESA competitors who competed in this year’s NSSA East Coast Championships. There were some Homeruns and some Heartbreaks. Most importantly, each of you grew competitely and personally, as the difficult conditions in New Smyrna certainly brought out your desire to be and do your best. To all of our competitors, do what you can to prepare yourself mentally and physically this week and I hope each one of you performs to the best of your ability this year. To the rest of the Southeast districts, lookout! Central Florida is ready to dominate!

Read below a letter from our esteemed Regional Director. Lots of valuable tips and reminders for all of you who are headed to New Smyna Beach this weekend. Drive safely and let’s Do It!!!

letter from SE Director

Dear Southeast Regional Athletes, Family, Friends and Supporters, Thanks for being a part of the best Surfing Organization in the world.

I want to welcome you and give you some information that will be useful to you if you are coming in from out of town for the event.

New Smyrna Inlet is proven to be rideable 300 days a year, a true destination surf spot. Depending on your outlook, it’s also a destination for Auto Racing, Motorcycling, and spring breakers, so at this time of year, it’s a busy place.

Please be aware there is a $5.00 daily vehicle fee for driving on the beach. The speed limit on the beach is 10 mph, and the Volusia County Beach Patrol regulates the beach very carefully, very seriously. Further, when trying to park near the contest site, pull your vehicle up to the light blue posts, but not past them. The posts are a delineation of the Nesting Marine Turtle Conservation Zone. We all love the endangered Sea Turtle, and the conservation zone is vehicle free. The rules and regulations regarding the protection of the sea turtles and their habitat are federal rules, and there is no grace. Drive in the zone and the beach patrol will ticket you by following the tire tracks in the sand to find you. Like anywhere else, even your home break, stay out of the dunes and the vegetation, again federal protection, and no excuses will get you out of trouble. They do use unmarked vehicles.

Be aware of high tide and the beach being closed for access to the inlet, as a competitor it is your responsibility to know when your heat is and plan on being informed, so you don’t miss your heat. If the beach is closed, you might be able to park in Smyrna Dunes Park and walk over the boardwalk to get to the inlet, about 3⁄4 mile across the walkover. They charge a fee to get in there as well, and parking is somewhat limited. One last suggestion, if you are waiting for the beach to open first thing in the morning, you are probably in a residential neighborhood. Please keep your radio off and your conversations low. Do not park on lawns, or driveways, and as safely as possible, try and let other traffic flow past, these residents have to deal with the traffic on a regular basis, but us ESA athletes need to be considerate. THANKS.

With the notice out of the way- I can give some other info.

I worked to make the schedule kid/school friendly, as best as I could. Single beaches forced us to four days. Day one Thursday you’ll notice is a 10 am start for adult divisions. Thursday evening on Flagler Avenue the whole street will be a block party of Hospitality. All the restaurants will have from samples to full dinners, at a reasonable price.

Saturday will be the competitor’s banquet at Clancy’s Cantina on Flagler Ave. The Clancy family has been supporting surfing in NSB for decades, and their restaurant is one of the busiest at any time of the year. The fare will be Mexican buffet, served to you through a line, sit where you can, and enjoy the show. Competitors will get a wrist band and eat free, others will be able to purchase a wrist band for a reasonable price when you get there. We’ll show some highlights of the action from the three days of competition being recorded by Space Coast Sports, who will be producing the live webcast of the event.Keep checking the SERSC page for the weblink and share it with your friends and family who couldn’t make it. Continuous updating of heat results- as usual will let them keep up with your progress, so they can find out when to tune in.

Printed Info can be found at our HQ Hotel, the Coastal Water Inn, and our HQ Surf shop Red Dog.

Coastal Waters has been our HQ Hotel in the past, and Red Dog Surf Shop has been supporting ESA and the NCFL District for 20+ years.

I want to personally thank Dave for coming on board as shop sponsor and provider of the live webcast , and Kelly Desoto at Ocean Properties for providing some of the accommodations for the ESA admin staff.

If you want to rent a house or apartment rather than a motel/hotel, give Ocean Properties a call.

Red Dog provides discount to ESA members, and is a true core surf shop. Owned by surfers, staffed by surfers, and they carry all the goods you really want.

The national sponsors of the ESA will be here for this event too – surf hard, have fun whether you win or lose, and enjoy yourselves. Maybe you’ll see yourself on Brighthouse Sports Network in late May or June.


Mean Gene Varano

Southeast Region Director