Ok. It’s time to check your standings to see if you quality for Regionals. Visit our site to review your ranking. Then go to http://www.surfesa.org click competition, then click the Southeastern Championships link to view invitations. Ex. Whatever the number beside the division and below CFL indicates the number of slots for us in that division. If the number is 3 then the top 3 from our district are invited to compete. It is highly recommended to sign up regardless. If an invitee does not sign up, you may get in as an alternate. Worst case, if you don’t get in, you will get your entry back. Your membership needs to be current through September or your entry will not be accepted. So you may need to renew your membership before entering. You may enter online or print an entry form and mail it in.

Contest slots filled by invitation only. Competitors must advance through their district to be eligible for the Regional Championship.

Certified district representatives who are members in good standing of the ESA through SEPTEMBER 30, 2012. A contestant applying for entry whose membership expires before September 30, 2012 must renew his or her membership with entry fee. Entry will be rejected and the slot passed on if this procedure is not followed. Entry is open only to those competitors who are in full compliance with the ESA Competition Code (rev. Jan 1, 2006.)