We are fast approaching the deadline required from our regional office that points need to be in. We are hopeful that a 4th and final contest can be held this Sunday to give everyone a final opportunity to earn points. With that said please keep in mind that we need to be sure that conditions will be contestable throughout the day for all of our divisions and we will be monitoring conditions carefully. Each district in the Southeast region is allotted a certain number of slots per division and this number may vary depending upon the size of the district. The larger the district the more slots awarded. Paperwork pertaining to who has been awarded slots based on district performance will be out as soon as the Regional office has slotted competitors, which is why they need our season points. If you are not slotted you are still encouraged to enter as an alternate. Not everyone will attend and this can be your opportunity to compete.If you don’t make it in you will be refunded.  Surfing at Regionals is the only path to Easterns this fall in Outer Banks NC. Irregardless of how you’ve finished or who you are, if your membership expires September 1, 2012 or earlier you must renew it online when you are signing up for and paying for Regionals. This will be done at http://www.surfesa.org Please stay tuned and thanks to everyone for their participation in ESA and patience in this process. CFL ESA is lucky to have you!