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Tormenter and CFL-ESA Presents Contest #5 “Summertime Blues

Saturday August 12, 2017 Paradise Beach S. End

      1. Legends SB             A           Jr. Women’s LB      A

      2. Legends SB              B           Jr. Women’s LB      B

      3. Girls SB U16            A            Menehune SB         A

      4. Girls SB U16            B            Menehune SB         B

      5. Girls SB U16            C             Boys SB U16           A

      6. Girls SB U14            A             Boys SB U14          A

      7. Girls SB U14            B             Jr. Men SB U18      A                       

      8. Girls SB U14            C              Jr. Men SB U18      A

      9. Jr. Women SB U18   A           Sr. Men SB               A        

    10. Jr. Women SB U18   A           Sr. Men SB                B

  11. Girls SB U16                D              Open SB                A

  12. Girls SB U16                 E              Open SB                B    

13. Girls SB U14                  D                Legends LB         A  

14. Girls SB U14                  E               Legends LB           B


  15. Menehune LB                          Pollywogs

  16. Jr. Men LB U18                        Men’s/Masters LB

  17. Jr. Women LB U18                  Ladies LB/Open SUP

  18. Grand Legends                        Girls SB U18

  19. Women/Masters SB                 Boys SB U14

  20. Legends SB                                Girls SB U14

  21. Jr. Men SB U18                          Boys SB U16

  22. Menehune SB                             Girls SB U16

   23. Open SB


As always the schedule is subject to change depending on conditions and amount of help we get. Setup is 7:00 am.

Trophies to the top 4 finishers in each Division at end of contest.

Paradise Beach Park S. End Little Pavilion


All entries for the Summertime Blues contest, originally scheduled for July 29 will automatically be forwarded to the make-up date, August 12. If you cannot make August 12, we will gladly advance your entry to our October date, but you must let us know by August 9 – please email Mario directly at Thanks!

Update Tormenter and CFL-ESA Presents Contest #5 “Summertime Blues

Ok,  we are moving Contest 5 to contest 6 date August 12, Paradise beach south pavilion. Wave conditions just don’t look like they will cooperate for a full day of competition. Entries will carry over, so if you are registered, you all are set.  Anyone who can’t make it will get credit in October.


Don’t miss the online registration deadline – tonight! Register HERE



Check season ratings HERE


For the 2017 Competitive Season, we have had 4 contests, so far. Contests 1 – 4 are complete and the ratings sheets below represents the season standings. Please review and if you have a question or would like to suggest a name spelling correction,please “Contact Us” your memo. Or FaceBook message.


July 29, 2017

Come to Spessard Holland South Beach Park – Melbourne Beach and the CFL-ESA 2017 Contest 5 -CFL-ESA Presents “Summertime Blues” of the 2017 Season Saturday July 29, 2017 at Spessard Holland South Beach Park  – Melbourne Beach Come have fun and earn valuable ranking points for qualifications for Easterns!

Register HERE

As always, we thank our sponsors – Tormenter, Ron Jon’s, and KKrows!

Registration deadline Wednesday July 26, 2017

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Here are the results to contest 4

Thanks KKrows and Ron Jon’s

1st – 4th place received medals.

Everyone got a complementary 50th anniversary CFL-ESA mug.

First place surfers all got Spinners

First and Second Place all got Ron Jon 15%  discount cards

CONTEST #4 2017 resultsCONTEST #4 2017 results p2


Contest #4 schedule




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Well, we asked nicely but Mother Ocean will not listen. Due to FLAT conditions we are postponing Contest 4 to June 24  – Stand by for updates!

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